The Art of Lindsey Wakefield

Lindsey Wakefield

Concept Artist, Illustrator, and 2D generalist


Lindsey Wakefield is a professional concept artist and illustrator who has worked in the entertainment industry for 10 years. Starting out as a freelance artist, she worked as a concept artist for numerous video game titles. In 2015, she joined a commercial production studio, and expanded her skillset leading to her expertise in 3D modeling, photo retouching, texturing, and storyboarding Today, she works as a concept artist and illustrator for the AR/VR industry helping to enhance the

visual fidelity of projects involving world-known brands. 

If she is not painting for work, she is painting during her free time. Lindsey is best known for her creature design, including re-envisioning the look of Digimon, Pokemon, and prehistoric life.